Anthropology Program Deadlines 2018-2019

October 3 - Apply for winter graduation
December 1 - Submit culminating project draft to advisor (winter graduates)
January 15 - Submit theses to ProQuest (winter graduates)
March 10 – Apply for Cotlow awards
April 1 – Submit culminating project draft to advisor (spring graduates)
May 15 – Submit theses to ProQuest (spring graduates)
July 1 – Apply for summer graduation

Anthropology Graduate Courses and Syllabi

Sample syllabi are found by clicking on the instructor's name.  More syllabi can be found on the webpages of individual faculty.

SI = Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Museum.

Course Number Course Title  Instructor(s)  Campus 
ANTH 6101 Proseminar in Biological Anthropology  McFarlinSherwood Main 
ANTH 6102 Proseminar in Sociocultural Anthropology Grinker, Kuipers Main
ANTH 6103 Proseminar in Archaeology BlomsterBraun Main
ANTH 6104 Proseminar in Linguistic Anthropology Kuipers, Dent Main
ANTH 6200 Museum Anthropology Isaac Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 6201 Anthropology in the Museum  Greene Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 6202 Museums and the Public: Exhibiting Culture BradleyRogers Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 6203 Preventive Conservation Concepts Hawks & Sturman Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 6204 Preventive Conservation Techniques Hawks Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 6205 Problems in Conservation STAFF Off-Campus (SI)
ANTH 6230 Internship in Museum Anthropology Blomster Main
ANTH 6301 The Anthropology of Development Lubkemann Main
ANTH 6302 Issues in Development Bell, Shepherd Main
ANTH 6330 Internship in Development Anthropology Lubkemann Main
ANTH 6331 Research Methods in Development Anthropology Ali Main
ANTH 6391 Anthropology and Contemporary Problems Feldman, Gusterson, Miller, Wagner Main
ANTH 6401 Human Functional Anatomy STAFF Main
ANTH 6404 The Evolution of Primate Life Histories McFarlin Main
ANTH 6405 Human Growth and Development STAFF Main
ANTH 6406 Human Genetic Variation Schanfield MVC
ANTH 6407 Anthropological Genetics Bradley MAIN
ANTH 6412 Paleoanthropology STAFF Main
ANTH 6413 Analytical Methods in Human Evolutionary Studies Barr Main
ANTH 6491 Topics in Biological Anthropology Almecija,  Bradley, Hunt & London Main, Off-Campus
ANTH 6501 Gender and Sexuality Ahmad Main
ANTH 6505 Medical Anthropology Miller Main
ANTH 6506 Topics in Medical Anthropology Miller Main
ANTH 6507 Nationalism and Ethnicity STAFF Main
ANTH 6508 Ethics and Cultural Property Thulman Main
ANTH 6509 Anthropology of Art, Aesthetics, and Symbolism STAFF Main
ANTH 6531 Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology Wagner Main
ANTH 6561 American Folklife Winick Main
ANTH 6562 Folklore Theory STAFF Main
ANTH 6591 Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology Bell, Dent Main, Off-Campus
ANTH 6691 Topics in Linguistic Anthropology Dent Main
ANTH 6702 Issues in Latin American Anthropology Fisher Main
ANTH 6707 Issues in Middle East Anthropology Feldman Main
ANTH 6801 Paleolithic Archaeology Brooks Main
ANTH 6802 Problems in Eurasian and African Archaeology Johnston Main
ANTH 6803 Problems in New World Archaeology Thulman Main
ANTH 6804 Problems in Mesoamerican Archaeology Blomster Main
ANTH 6806 Technology Braun Main
ANTH 6807 Public Archaeology Cressey Main
ANTH 6832 Paleontological Field Program Braun Off-Campus
ANTH 6835 Historical Archaeology Field Program Cressey Off-Campus
ANTH 6838 Archaeological Theory Blomster, Johnston Main
ANTH 6839 Lab Research Methods in Archaeology Pobiner Main
ANTH 6891 Topics in Archaeology STAFF


ANTH 6941 Primate Behavioral Ecology Murray Main
ANTH 6995 Research STAFF Main
ANTH 6998-99 Thesis Research STAFF Main
ANTH 8965 Linguistic Field Methods Dent Main
ANTH 8998 Advanced Reading and Research STAFF Main
ANTH 8999 Dissertation Research STAFF Main


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